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Aluminum Head Info

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I have purchased a 25” Aluminum Head which I believe came out of a Desoto Airflow. The part# on the head is 695798. Can anyone confirm if In fact this head was found on the Desoto Airflow and further, would you happen to know the compression ratio of the head. Thanks for any Info.

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Thank you c49er and dpcdfan. Will have the head checked out and if good, will install it in my WC-12 Military Pick-up powered by an IND-7(236). I have a '41 "Spitfire" head on it now, and though the Aluminum head wouldn't look as nice as the "Spitfire" head, it would save some weight and be a real conversation piece at the shows. Here is photo of the IND-7.


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On 3/16/2018 at 9:28 AM, c49er said:

1939 thru 1941 Chrysler...aluminum head. Right out of the Chrysler parts book.



any idea what a 695793 head lists as?

It’s a Mopar straight 8 aluminum head but I don’t have any info.


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