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Want to buy 1991 Front Lower Control Arms


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Hi all: Due to "crunchy" sound from my front suspension, on suggestion from my mechanic to replace them, I recently asked the community about front lower control arms for my 91 coupe.  I was able to get a great deal on ebay for NEW 91 Riviera left and right units, which all agreed were completely compatible with my Reatta.  I don't know if the part stated by seller to be for a 91 Riv was a correct statement,  but my mechanic said the parts I brought him dont even come close to being correct.  I will deal with the ebay seller, but....I NEED THE FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARMS.  Anyone have any, or any suggestions?  One community member suggested a favored parts lot, but I'm reaching out here for any ideas.  They look like the attached  pics.   Thanks.



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Thanks for posting the pictures......now ask your mechanic why he doesn't just replace the bushing,  the arms look fine.

I suspect your mechanic is a parts replacer,  not a real mechanic.   he doesn't want to go looking for the bushing and probably doesn't have a press that he can use to replace them .

Just checked Rockauto and the Delco part number is 45G9160 and is listed for $12.17

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  • Ronnie changed the title to Want to buy 1991 Front Lower Control Arms
2 hours ago, jglawnyc said:

I don't know if the part stated by seller to be for a 91 Riv was a correct statement...


I think you probably got the wrong part. If it doesn't look like the one in your photo send it back.


Your control arms look good to me but check the area circled in red in the photo for heavy rusting. You have two choices. Find a mechanic that can install new bushings (special tools are needed) and new ball joints if your control arms are good or contact or the Reatta Parts Vendors who can sell you good used control arms.


I would rule out the strut mounts being the source of the noise before replacing the control arms.


control arm_I.jpg

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Barney and Ronnie......you are the Reatta Zen Masters!  I went to my trusted mechanics and explained its impossible to find NEW lower control arms.  The mechanic who does the work said that they do have a hydraulic press and could replace the bushings and ball joints on the control arms, but the owner of the shop said that "the much better way is to replace the entire control arms because with the new rubber, they are still 27 year old pieces of metal and might have rust issues, plus its much more labor intensive to just do the bushings and ball joints"  You are right, they want to replace the entire part.  Have researched control arm bushings and ball joints and they are sitting in a Rock Auto basket ready to be purchased.  Thanks as always!

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They may be right.......with many shop rated around $100 per hr, 

However, you have not found a new lower assembly and as noted the rubber in one if you did find one could be 20 years old.

I would have them replace the bushing........hard to believe their labor would be more than you would pay for a new control arm and you might need to change that bushing because of age.


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