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Reatta Parts Vendors

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Reatta Parts Vendors.


While the sources listed below have been satisfactorily utilized by our members in the past, you are advised that these listings are provided only for reference and with the explicit understanding that your use of the information and/or vendors is solely at your own risk.

If you are interested in being listed, have a source that you believe merits inclusion, had a negative experience with a listed vendor, discovered a broken link or need assistance with any other matter, PM the forum moderator.



Reatta Specific Parts
Jim Finn, "Jim" here on the forum, a fellow Reatta hobbyist with a large assortment of parts cars. Usually the lowest price for a given item.   Reattas60@gmail.com Email is Jim's preferred contact method.  (MN)

Barney Eaton, "Barney Eaton" here on the forum member,  is a BCA Technical Advisor and keeper of the Reatta Database. He sells headlight motor repair kits, crankarms and repair parts as well as offering repair services. He also sells Covercraft car covers, dashpad covers, cockpit covers, front end masks, reproduction '91 wheel centercaps, '88-89 floor mat logo appliqués and retention grids. Barney offers a antenna rebuilding service and trunk lock repair kits. Barney@Texas.net (TX)

Marck Barker "NCReatta" here on the forum. of East Coast Reatta Parts (www.EastCoastReattaParts.com), deals in a large variety of Reatta parts, both buying and selling. Specialties include (but not limited to) rebuilt radio modules, hard to find dealer literature and signs, as well as many other Reatta parts. "Call or email us with your needs, we will try to meet them in any way possible, and give you the best possible experience in the process!" Orders@EastCoastReattaParts.com (919) 233-1973 (NC)

The Reatta Store, (www.thereattastore.com) is a curated listing of new Reatta parts available from Amazon.com, compiled by forum member "Ronnie" allows you to help support the operation of Reatta Owners Journal (www.ReattaOwner.com), at no cost to you.

Harry Yarnell, forum member, has accumulated a sizable inventory of Reatta and Riviera parts over the years. HYarnell1@earthlink.net (410) 272-0873 (MD)


Steve Scott deals exclusively in corrosion-free SoCal Reatta parts. All electrical items are thoroughly tested to confirm proper operation. He offers 86-89 CRTs/Touchscreens, 90-91 Instrument Panel Clusters, headlight motor crank assembly repair kits, new and used hubcaps, wheels, door handles, glovebox latches, seat belt parts, mirrors, power antennas, chrome taillight letters, floor mats, sunroofs, electronics, body parts, interior parts, new and used hood ornaments (standard and select 60), posters, press kits, owner’s manuals and portfolios, memorabilia, and many other items too numerous to mention. steveskyhawk@Prodigy.net (951) 323-0263 Steve's eBay store, Reatta Parts West   (CA)

Robert D. Niven, "88reattacoupe" here on the forum. is the designer & fabricator of the Shelfence, a clever product that keep items secure on the cargo shelf of Reatta coupes. It eliminates having to search for lost items that invariably slide off the cargo area and end up under the seats. The Reatta Shelfence is easily installed and removed, without any modification whatsoever to the car and does not impede access to the rear floor storage compartments. Robert has also designed a custom dual cup holder assembly for 88-89 Reattas. RNiven@NetZero.net (615) 876-0042  (TN)

SpinningWheels-sc:  This company sells the Hydac brand anti-lock brake accumulator which is compatible with the TEVES Mark II ABS system used on the 1988-1990 Buck Reatta automobile as well as in many other GM, Ford and Chrysler cars in similar model years. The Hydac accumulator has performed quite satisfactorily when used in a Reatta daily driver since early 2015. This company is based in Morristown, FL. Telephone contact is (352) 732-5013 and fax (352) 732-6537.


Eddie Voland repairs '88-89 CRTs. Contact him for current prices to get your CRT repaired. eddievoland@yahoo.com (443) 536-9591 (MD)


Real Reatta Parts - Larry Keie.  Located in Merrill, Michgan which is fairly close to the Lansing, MI area.  Larry has some NOS parts and a number of parts cars. Preferred contact info is:  Phone (989) 245-6194, Fax (989) 643-0732 and email reatta23@aol.com


The World Famous Reatta Farm (www.Reattas.com) is a full-service Reatta salvage operation with well over 100 Reattas in inventory. Owner's name is Roger. (520) 977-5463 (AZ)


Jack Oliver - purchased what was left of John Bourbeau's Reatta cars and parts collection.  (989) 723 8454  (MI)

General Parts and Services

Car-Part.com (www.Car-Part.com) Nationwide salvage yard part search.


Sinister Performance  (www.gmtuners.com) ECM reprogramming for the 3800 engine. They specialize in performance tuning and  engine swaps.


SIA Electronics (www.siaelec.com) Rebuilds  BCMs, ECMs and other electronic devices.


M&R Electronics (www.mnrelectronics.com) Delco radios and repairs. 1-800-343-1382


United Radio Repairs radios, cassette decks, CD players, CRTs and digital dash panels. (800) 634-8606


RockAuto Auto Parts Usually the lowest cost source for new auto parts.

GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts Usually lowest cost source for dealer-only parts, watch their shipping and handling charges though. Best value achieved by ordering multiple items as shipping cost tend to be high.

GMPartsCenter.net (www.gmpartscenter.net) Low priced dealer-only parts, without the added S&H charges of GMPartsDirect, though not always the cheapest on the final tally.

Vintage Parts (www.vpartsinc.com) Clearinghouse for remainders of GM's obsolete parts inventory. Part#s are required and prices are relatively high, but it's often the last remaining source to purchase the part in question brand-new.

TireRack.com (www.tirerack.com) Usually lowest cost, widest-selection purveyor of tires.

Installer.com  Radio wiring harnesses, adapters and pin-out diagrams as well as aftermarket audio gear. Same parts pro installers use.

ACKits.Com Automotive Air Conditioning Parts & Equipment (very good forum)

TechChoiceParts.com AC Compressors,| Evaporator Cores, Condensers Heater Cores and Brake parts. (972)723-0112 (ask for Reatta forum discount)

ACDelco Parts (AC Delco parts lookup, applications, and interchange)

Electron Tops (www.electrontop.com) manufacturers of Reatta convertible tops.

CarMotorsports.com GM-licensed logowear, car covers, floormats, keychains, NOS hood ornaments

RodneyDickman.com Headlight motor rebuild parts.


Updated 3/14/2018



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