OIl Filter for 1940 Deluxe

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Any know a good source to find an oil filter for a 1940 Deluxe 28?  I thought I saw in a search here that early Pontiacs didn't have an oil filter.  Which may explain why I really haven't found anything yet.  

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Correct, there was no external oil filter offered from the factory.  There was an internal oil cleaner (filter) at that time and it was designed to be cleaned at 100,000 miles or whenever the oil pan was dropped.  Information from my 1941/42 manual.

Pontiac Oil Filter.JPG

Pontiac Oil Filter Pg 1.JPG

Pontiac Oil Filter Pg 2.JPG

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Actually early Pontiacs (split head ones 26-31) did have an optional factory canister thruway style oil filter "XA1  " which was similar to this Buick one.  Mounting was in the "C" section of the frame ahead of the steering box.  I don't understand why 1932 couldn't have an oil filter.  


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