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SOLD: Concours Quality 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I Torpedo Phaeton by Barker

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Fantastic car - and imagine what the "Arthur Tooth and Sons" dealer tab would have looked like - probably a cartoon Molar?

Seriously a special car - hope it finds a deserving home.


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37 minutes ago, Curti said:

 I like it just fine.  It is a blond brunette thing............


Think of it like this............if you take the top five super models on the planet, someone is going to be dating the least attractive of the bunch!

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Thanks for above

E. A. was quite a successful artist in his own right and he designed some of the dazzle ships for the Royal Navy in WW1 . His work is sought after and he published several books on various artistic subjects.


I thought that I saw the P1 in Lancashire mid - eighties but must have been a similar car. Its a striking automobile.




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