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Repair of speedo cable?

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I should explain with more detail.  The cable does spin beautifully with no drag.  My issue is the the collar on the outside of the cable sheathing that mates with the transmission is missing, in other words the nut that secures the cable to the transmission has nothing to grab and put a secure hold hold the cable.

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Try the fix you suggested. I see the problem now.It is the sheath and not the cable. Keep an eye out for a replacement, many swap meets will be starting up soon. Maybe the missing part was used on other makes or model years.

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Happy to write that while up in Minneapolis on Friday, I looked online and located a great guy who fixed me up in about an hour.  I HIGHLY recommend him for any and all speedometer and gauge related repair.  Very reasonable and super efficient!!!


Chuch Kulbeth

APT Instruments

9632 Humboldt Ave S

Bloomington, MN 55431-2629




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