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Body Tag 1938 Buick Century 4 Door Trunkback


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Hello there,


Bit of a long shot, but maybe someone can help with this... I am trying to locate a body tag for my 1938 Buick Century. Please see the photos below for reference:


1938 MOD. 61

STYLE Nr- 38-4619


Body Nr-  Any number will do

TRIM Nr- 409 (Beige Bedford Cord Interior)

PAINT Nr- 515 (Rembrandt Black)


The first photo is exactly what I need. The second photo is a better image, almost exact, except for the letter L (Body #) and missing #6, for a vehicle with side mounts (upper right near rivet hole) Thank you.


1938 Buick Century Body Tag A.jpg


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Can anyone please provide the dimensions of this tag in mm? Please also include the mounting hole diameter... Exploring the possibility of having it reproduced since I cannot find one anywhere... Thank you.

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I have found someone now that will make these tags for $145.00 US plus shipping. I will post a sample photo as soon as I have it available. I am told that the cost could go as low as $125 depending on the volume... 


Please see the photos of the new (almost finished) tag. This will be for me, so it will have a model 61 and the letter 6 to the side for spare mounted vehicle. If you need them made to your specific model series you may contact Robert directly here: https://dataplates4u.com/


Thank you.


New Data Tag Century....jpg

New Data Tag Century....jpg a.jpg

Century Data Plate.jpg

1938 Buick Century Body Tag A.jpg

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