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1957 1958 glove box door, metal or padded

Pete Phillips

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There are two types of glove box doors for 1957 and 1958. Most seem to be the one with the angular pad of vinyl, and they are always ripped and broken, and very difficult and expensive to repair or reproduce. The metal type seems to be far less common, but I recently found one and will repaint it and install it on my '58 Special station wagon in place of the ruined vinyl one that was there. The glove box door accepts either kind, metal or vinyl pad. The screw attaching holes are the same for either one.


What I would like to do is try to reproduce the metal ones and make them available to those 1957 and 1958 owners with crushed and split vinyl pads. The metal ones are made from three pieces of flat metal, and don't look too difficult to reproduce if you are handy with a sheet metal brake and shears and a spot welder--all of which I have. What I need is a metal one to take apart, so I can reproduce the three pieces of metal, take accurate measurements, etc. I do not want to take this metal one apart, because it has taken me many years to find it (found it last night on a '57 wagon parts car near here) and I need it for my wagon. If anyone has a spare metal one, I will purchase it from you in order to take it apart and try to get started on this reproduction project.  I think there is a market for this because nearly every 1957 and 1958 Buick owner needs to replace their ruined vinyl glove box pad.


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas




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I admire your idea to create the metal glove box part.

Obviously owning '58 Buick's I'm all for it.


You might also consider making the short piece that goes from the glove box to the air vent to the right?


Part of the reason the vinyl cracks is due to the degradation of the foam used in the padded units. It drys up as you can see on mine, the vinyl hardens and someone just has to try and squeeze it, then you develop cracks.



I was lucky to save the glove box using a heat gun to release the glue, cut new foam and re-glue the vinyl back on. It is not perfect but looks better than the piece beside it. That one I hope to attempt one day...

If I had the option to replace those with metal and paint them... Might very well have gone that route.


Good luck with your venture.

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Pete, If 'm not mistaken, there is a curvature to the metal on the parts, so perhaps just a brake, shears and a spot welder may not be all you need. Just something to consider.

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… or pete you can go on over to this link and learn how to make a replacement pad or I can make one for you  or anyone else that needs one jus PM…. and while waiting you can recondition your old vinyl if still good or purchase the correct type of vinyl … heat sink it to create the correct angle and then reassemble …. If everyone goes back to metal then why not drive a chevy ….  :D



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