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Clincher detachable rims for REO model G 1909

Frank Cerutti

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I have seen a 1909 model G REO runabout fitted with Goodyear detachable rims fitted with straight sided tyres.

There is a YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf8Icjt5smc titled "Goodyear's History (Part 1) which sets out the facts. As explained in the video, Goodyear was a latecomer to the tyre business and trade restraints limited Goodyear's production of straight sided tyres to 1 and a half percent of the clincher tyre market.

Now to the purpose of the history lesson. Goodyear detachable rims could be ordered for either straight sided tyres or clincher tyres. The detachable rim has a steel felloe, an inner slide-on ring which carries the inner edge of the tyre, an outer slide-on ring which carries the outer edge of the tyre and a split lock ring, the tail of which hooks into a hole in the steel felloe to hold the lock ring from moving away from the felloe. The outside ring fits over the lock ring to hold the lock ring from becoming dislodged radially. Air pressure holds the whole arrangement in place. The inner ring and the outer ring are identical

The model G REO mentioned above has a complete set of hardware for straight sided tyres. Does anyone have the necessary hardware for clincher tyres? Just 8 clincher rings are needed. Trade straight sided for clincher rings?

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