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Thanks to a fellow member here!!

66 Mystery Chevelle

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I just wanted to publicly Thank fellow AACA and DF member PETER HEIZMAN for helping me recently. I asked if anyone knew of a good, reliable shop to install a new headliner in my car, Peter responded to me...gave me the name of a place that he felt was A+++ and I followed through with it.

Got an appt. very quick, and they did a very nice job and a better than reasonable price I thought. Peter lives in the area, and even stopped by the shop when I got there to pick the car up...Pete helped me load the car on trailer and we got to to talk cars abit in the parking lot!

Boys and Girls, THIS IS WHAT THE HOBBY IS ALL ABOUT!! People helping each other out in the interest of the hobby...and sometimes you even gain a good friend along the way smile.gif

Thanks Peter.


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I ditto what Rick said!!

I've known Pete for a little over 2 years now. We first met at the 2000 Museum Expo in Palmyra, Pa. and became great friends. He is a great asset to this hobbie, club, and forum!!

Over the past 2 years Pete has become my best friend and is known in our family as "Uncle Mr. Pete".

Thanks Pete for being a great person!


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