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1916-1918 Dodge roadster rear fenders


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Hi, John, and welcome to the forum.  I can't help you find any rear fenders for your roadster, but FWIW I thought I'd tell you that you want the "short rear end" fenders for your 1918 model.  On July 12, 1919, with roadster no. 359301, DB went to a rear fender that was longer in the rear than the earlier ones had been.  I'm not sure if the later rear fenders would bolt onto your car OK or not.

short fenders.jpg

long rear fenders.jpg

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Thank you for your welcome and reply. I think the outer part of a veteran tourer fender is the same as the roadster but the inner edge has a spacer about 4 inches wide attached because the deck is much narrower than a tourer body. And you are correct about the "short fenders", earlier ones are about 6 inches shorter. I do have a pair of tatty veteran fenders but I thought I would see if anyone had some reasonable ones for sale. About a year ago on eBay there were 2 pairs for sale but I was too slow off the mark and missed out. I don't even know if they sold. Anyway, I am collecting  parts for my next project and acquired a restored roadster running gear that had no body and later I came across a veteran roadster body for it in reasonable shape. I don't know why I committed myself to another restoration, I must be "of unsound mind". I have to admit that I have already restored a 1918 roadster, started in 1972 and took years to finish, -see attached.  Thanks again, John

1918 Dodge Roadster small.jpg

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