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65 riv starting problems


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65 riv with a rebuilt 401. Daily driver for 2 years.

Starts right up until (twice this week) the car doesn't turn over at all. Lights come on but its like the park switch is not working. So far it has done it only when its hot. First time , I turned the switch off then on and it worked. Second time , I let it sit for 30 minutes and it worked. The starter is only 2 months old (rebuilt by a local shop with a new selonoid).

#1. How can I bypass the neutral safety switch? Can't I jump it from under the hood to turn the starter?

#2. If it happens again (and it will at the most opportune moment) and I get it to run by rapping on the starter with a hammer, then its the selenoid right? Can I replace the selonoid myself?

#3. When I put the starter on I noticed the wires were in bad shape. the big wire is bare of any insulation near the starter. Could this cause this symptom?



Of course my wife was in the car last night when it happened so that makes it even worse. She is not a big Riv fan.

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I don't think your problem is at the neutral safety switch. Assuming it is a column gearshift - go to the bottom of the column and

unplug it - use a paper clip or even a two prong new fuse to bypass it. Since the wacking on the starter seems to be doing

it some good - do you have access to another starter? If so, put it on and see what happens. Of course the wiring as you

described could cause it to.

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I am glad I'm not the only one who forgets to log on I do it too! Re your starter problem. I suspect your soleniod. I put a fresh rebuild in my 65 and it would pick and choose when to start and not to start. When the starter doesn't do its job wrap the soleniod with the plastic end of a big screwdriver (this is so you don't have to crawl under the car). If she starts with no problem I'd replace the soleniod and while your at it fix those wires! Your neutral safety switch I think is in your steering column. I own a Skylark.

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Could also be an ignition switch problem since you mentioned turning it off and back on started the car. After thirty-seven years, it's possible.

Wouldn't hurt to replace the battery-to-starter cable if insulation is missing. It usually rots off from oil soaking. It could ground out and make a mell of a hess.

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