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Hoping to find a car my father restored before he died


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I have attached a photo of the vehicle my Dad had restored right before he died 11 years ago.  My 15 year old son has inherited his Grandfather’s car passion and I’d love to find something of my Dad’s to show him.  The last I heard it was in a museum in CT but when I checked into it a few years ago, the museum had closed.  I don’t recall he name of the museum.  It’s a unique vehicle that would stand out and people would remember so I figured this was worth a shot.  Has anyone seen this truck at a car show or a museum?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks 


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Welcome to you and your son ! That is some mighty fine detail work ! Some guys or gals initiate seemingly futile searches here. In the case of this striking work of art , the chances of success would be quite good. Sounds like a fun investigative project. No doubt it will enhance your son's interest. Also , as you know , membership in AACA will be of great benefit. Is your son particularly interested in a specific period of automobile history ?  By the time your son is about my age , he  will be a 60 year member ! Good luck ! You'll find it !    - Carl 

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