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Where to find exterior trim clips?


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The photo shows the type of trim clip that holds the exterior mouldings on my 1959 Fiat 1200. I've been to a few sites and haven't been able to find these - or something similar - to replace my rusty old ones. Suggestions? Thank you.


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Fiat 500 600 Front Hood Trim Clip This might be it. Link Mr. Fiat - http://mrfiat.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=fiat+trim+clip


Image 1 This is what early Alfa used. It is held on by a screw or pop rivet, and it is just a bit bigger than the trim so the trim snaps over it.


Those of yours look like the common door panel clips, only flat. Door panel clips have a slot for a board.


20 Pcs, Door Panel Clips Trim Panel Retainers For Chrysler Imperial New Yorker


You also may be able to use something like these, if you cut the extra part off them. These are very common, American clips.


Fit Chrysler 1979-On Door Panel Clips (20) 5/16" Hole Trim Panel Metal Fasteners

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Thanks for all the input. I've checked some of these places already and I guess I'll have to contact each to verify the size. My local NAPA store had what looked like a match (like MrFiat's picture above) but it was twice the size of what I need.


TONY has his name on the bolts on this car, but was negligent in marking the clips!


Here's the size (cm scale of course...)




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If you have an original, it would be best to send a sample to Restoration Specialties. There are many clips that look similar but are of different sizes. Best to have them matched up. You could also send a small moulding if you have one to double check fit.

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You could check with your local NAPA or the likes, They have plastic clips that can be trimmed to fit.

If you have the hole size you can get those Christmas tree looking push thingies that work pretty well.

When I was doing a similar job I found some in bulk on Ebay. I needed a hundred or so.



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Maybe if they are only rusty, but not rusted out and still solid You can do what I did with my '48 Plymouth clips.


First of all I washed them with ordinary soap and water; then left for a night in rust remover (mixture of orthophosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid, commercially available and quite cheap - especially in my place). When they were cleaned  - washing in running water and boiling in mixture of NaOH and KNO3, but I don't remember exact proportions -probably possible to find with googling something like "steel black oxide" or "steel blackening". You have to use stainless steel pot and be very, very careful, as it easily melts paint & harms tissues. Boiling takes around 10 minutes, and after that the parts will be black. Now, again - washing in running water. That sometimes could be enough, but for better protection boiling it in engine oil for some time is advised.


I used this method for all P15 clips and most of the screws that I left old.


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