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37 1/2 ton suspension suggestions

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I picked up my 'new to me' 1937 1/2 ton the other day.  Sadly the suspension and brakes are worse than I expected.  All the bushings in the springs are shot, all the springs have been 'flattened' and the shackles arent mounted right so there is no travel.  The brake line routing is bothersome and on a single line master cylinder and drum brakes.  So the first thing I want to do is get the truck on a safe suspension and decent brakes.

There are tons of kits out there, any one stand out as the one that everyone likes or one to avoid?

Having just bought the truck I have no idea what factory ride height or quality is and I dont want to drive it in its current condition.  So I dont know what or how much I want to lower from stock, or even if I want stock.  I like the height its at right now, but no way of knowing what that means in relation to factory numbers to order 'lowering' pieces.

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