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1931 Buick ser 50 starter motor for parts

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Suggested replacement downdraft carburetor:


The 1931 series 50 Buick was a 221 CID 8 cylinder.


There were many 6's produced in the 1950's and 1960's which used single barrel downdraft carburetors. Different individuals will prefer different models. Autolite, Carter, Holley, Rochester, Stromberg, and Zenith all made carburetors for 6's in the 210~235 CID range. GENERALLY, one from a truck is an easier conversion, as most trucks in the time frame were manual choke. But if you want an automatic choke, an auto choke carburetor may be adapted. Pick a carburetor make YOU or YOUR MECHANIC favor.


My personal preference would be:


Very good, and not expensive - Carter YF replacement for the 216 CID Chevrolet truck, Carter W-1 for 1941~18 Chevrolet OR auto choke carb for the 1950-up passenger Chevy

Best, but more expensive - Stromberg or Zenith replacement for the 216 CID Chevrolet truck


But I won't be doing the work.



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Attached is an image from the 1931 Buick Master Parts and Specification book showing the 1931 Series 50 Starter.  I had the starter rebuilt 50 years ago and Comm end cap had been replace with a modern version.  Should like to make it correct and have some back up parts as well.

Buick 31-50 Starter Motor Image.jpg

Buicke 31-50 starter.jpg

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