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DeSoto Retail Selling Method


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I finally got around to making a copy of the DeSoto Retail Selling Method booklet that my parents gave me for my birthday a few years ago. It's not the best that I can do with the scanning yet but it is better than nothing. I thought that some of the forum members here would like to read it. It is packed with information and selling tips from the beginning of DeSoto. The only part that is missing are the folding car handouts. I saw a set on ebay years ago and couldn't justify buying the set at that time. That was a big mistake as I now own the book that they go in and realize that I could have had a complete salesman kit. As they say, the time to buy is when you see it. Anyway, the pdf is too large to upload here and I don't want to see it on ebay so I uploaded it to my dropbox. Anyone who would like to check it out, please send me a private message and I will respond with link that will allow you access to the dropbox folder that contains the pdf. I have few other files that might be worth sharing so there may be some other goodies that show up.

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