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Horseless carriage/ brass parts

Ben Popadak

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Rushmore spotlight, big 6 vent, needs work, $275

Sidemount carbide generator, w/splits, $450

White 3 sight glass, $85

Kingston 4 ball carburetor,  backwards to a Model T?,  $125

4 speed outside shift quadrant, iron, $150

Jericho No. 1 exhaust horn, aluminum,  $325

Eisemann type BD mag/bat/coil switch, $450

Manzel 5 feed brass oiler, class K, $450

Solar 1076 carbide headlight, no glass, $125

American Bosch, Ford T distributor conversion, solid, no cap,  $175


First come first serve,  bpopadak AT yahoo.com




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Drop me a line at kezandpete AT gmail.com and we can discuss. As luck would have it, I now have acquired two of these units (remarkable... looked for over a year and couldn't find one in restorable condition). I am happy to sell one on for the same price I paid.



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