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29 A Oil suction modification


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I bought my 29 Hupp almost 50 years ago but just started restoring it myself within the past year since retirement.  I now have the engine back together and starting but still lots of work to do.  I was reading an article in the Hupp Herald Vol.5-No.4 /1976  1929 Century Six Restoration Story by Carl Price (attached) which says there should be a gasket or seal between the oil pickup tube and the oil screen cover.  I have neither.  I am sure I can fabricate something but would like to hear what others have done to fix this problem.   I am thrilled I stumbled on this article and would also like to know about any other issues that could cause problems.   

Hupp Story Pg3.pdf

Hupp Story Pg4.pdf


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Yes I see that he welded a cup on top of the screen cover and pressed a seal into the cup.  This is probably the easiest method.  Finding a seal and cup that will work together might be time consuming.  I am fearful of permanently attaching the cup to the pickup tube because of the difficulty of getting it in the exact required location. 

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