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The second CarterCar....


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Worked on my friend's second CarterCar today. The top was sagging and Bill had no idea why, so I checked it out. I am no "touring car top guy" by any means, but I DO like puzzles. I checked out the inside of the top on the good side and found that the inner liner was sewn/anchored to the fabric wrapped around the top bows. When you pulled the top down to cinch it at the front, THAT little bit of stitching holds the bow to the roof material bringing it taut. On the bad side, I discovered that the little bit of stitching had torn away leaving the top bow loose and it wanted to sag towards the rear simply because of the weight of the top material. We tied a temporary line from the windshield stanchion to the second bow and it lined right up and even looked more perky. Hooray! We also wiped the car down with soapy water and gave the leather interior some leather treatment. I then added the rear spare tire and the car is looking MUCH better. Interesting that the cars are both painted almost identical colors. The battery was up on one car and it kicked over, but had no fuel at this time. The other car has the battery on a charger to check it out.

Picture 9185.jpg

Picture 9207.jpg

Picture 9219.jpg

Picture 9218.jpg

Picture 9195.jpg

Picture 9217.jpg



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52 minutes ago, MochetVelo said:

Both cars have electric lights; pretty advanced for 1913 & 14. Does either have electric start?

Both have electric start. They even have preheat units for the fuel.

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Very nice cars. I believe CarterCar was made by GM back then as was Oakland. The engine looks very similar to the engine in my 12 Oakland 40.  Northway made the engines. Mine runs a schebler model L carb same as this car. I can vouch for the engines being well made. I've put over 25000 miles on mine over the last 40 years without any problems.




1912 Oakland 40 engine right side.JPG

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