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Model 20 Parts


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Hi all,

Looking for the following 1909-11 Model 20 parts: 


  • Magneto switch (there appear to have been a few types fitted between the years of production?)
  • Front apron for 1909-1910 (sits below the radiator) - any condition welcome
  • Brass radiator cap
  • Steering wheel spider
  • Bosch DU4 points 
  • Cap for the engine oil filling/breather tubes
  • Hubcaps - brass or alloy
  • Owners instruction book


Hoping someone may have these on their spare parts shelf in the garage.




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Hi- on the magneto switch, send me an email at david.coco@comcast.net and I'll tell you about one that was advertised recently.  Front apron, should be an easy fabrication, I have a dimensional drawing if you need it.


I have an original owners manual, I could copy it for you if you wish.  Do you have the original Breeze carb on your car?  If so I have a manual for that too.


Show us a picture of your car...please..

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On ‎10‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 5:54 AM, Simon Anderson said:

Hi trimacar, 

do you happen to have an email version of the owners manual?


i am about to buy a 20 model


thanks Simon 

There are two original Model 20 photos on eBay, both were taken in Australia. I'm making payments on a Model 20 myself. 



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