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Aftermarket Chassis in a 65 Riviera


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I'd like to touch on something that I haven't seen mentioned yet, the welding on the chassis and body work as well as the bead rolled work and what I think is some wheeling machine work on the sheet metal looks phenomenal! I would bet that this thing will handle like it's on rails when it's finished.

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Been a bit both since there was an update and since I was home to repost the pictures


Exhaust Update






The owner as lamenting that he's going to miss Hot August Nights AND he only has 8wks till Goodguys and this is the status of the car




Legendary Mark Stielow "supervising" work:



A bit more work done in the interim



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It is, I asked the same thing and it's apparently how the Roadster Shop does it counting on the suspension being "free" enough to not need the isolation of body mounts.  


Personally, I think there is going to be a level of accepted NVH that the approach requires that is likely well worth the trade off for handling.

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If you break down anywhere near Stillwater MN ,,, give me a shout ???

you know ,,, In case you’re just fed up with the whole thing and want to dump it cheap !!!????????


Have a blast with that thing ,,, it’s stunning

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