1953 power brake booster correct finish

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I am sending one of these power brake boosters out for repair. I have yet to decide if will be the Kelsey Hays or the Moraine unit.

The vendor has asked me what finish I want.  I have never seen a color photo of a new or low mileage unit. Does anyone have any photos of a power brake booster new or a very low mileage car before any repair?  Any factory photos  that could confirm the finish or some info from Buick.  I want to duplicate factory finish on this so when it returns it is ready for install.











power brake booster 2.jpg

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On ‎2‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 12:55 PM, tompett said:

. . . . . mine looks like this . . . . . 


Tom:  I agree with your non-painted finish on the hydraulic cylinder along with the cadmium-plated finish on the PBC's housing and its front cover as being the correct OE finishes. Mine are the same.  


I took the picture below at the Flint 2008 BCA Nationals. This in-progress 1953 Buick Skylark project's chassis was on display in front of the Buick Gallery on Walnut Street and was being restored by what is now called Sloan*Longway, formerly known as the Sloan Museum. There were a couple of reps standing by that chassis. They were looking for comments and I gave them comments. Everybody was friendly even after I pointed out several issues. :rolleyes:   This restoration project has been completed since then. The original Skylark Owner and the stampings on the Body by Fisher Number Plate are interesting. 




Steve:  it would be interesting to find out where they came up with this finishing detail. The boogered hole in the frame support indicates that a different PBC (possibly a 1955?) was installed before this correct-for-1953 one. I have never seen a colored factory photo or Buick document addressing the finishes on a 1953 PBC.


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Tom Thanks for the picture this is what I have been looking for on the Kelsey Hays unit.  I still am looking for info on the Moraine power brake unit. If anyone has a picture of a Moraine before repair, it would be a good witness part.  I have two and they have stickers from a rebuilder, and they are rusty very little if any paint no hope of locating what they had for color.  

Al thanks for the picture also. 



I have a few questions on fasteners that hold the chassis together.  I would think the fasteners would be a black Oxide. I have cleaned a number of the bolts from my project and that looks to be what is used.  I hope to paint these again and start assembly; I plan to use a DruCoat process this should duplicate the sheen on the bolts. 


Thanks for the help. 





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