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Piston Identification Help ?

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  I have been doing inventory on some of my parts. Last week was pistons, mostly Commander Big Six. Of course the easy ones were the Studebaker brand. However I do have some after market also. The way I identified  those was by measurement - fairly easy. 3.250 and up are 1934 to 1937. 3.3125 and up are 1948-1960, Iron ones are 1942.

  However, I have a set of 4 Aluminum ones, that mic out to 3.140. IMG_4041.thumb.jpeg.45ec4881d244db097f5f6b2909229042.jpeg

Which does not match. I thought the might be Champ, but they are 3 inch, and a .140  over does not seem logical. From what I can find, Rockne STD pistons start out at 3.125. If it was .015 over, that could be a match.

  Or come up with another idea? I have spent hours checking on the net, and could not find anything.

  The pistons are marked Silv-0-lite S-115. Just in case anyone has a old Silv-0-Lite catalog.


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On 2/25/2018 at 7:54 PM, Gary_Ash said:


Try contacting the current manufacturer of Silv-o-lite pistons at



Did you get a reply from them?

Gary , thanks for the link to this fantastic website.

Everyone should see this.

I wonder how helpful they are with early engine parts.

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The pistons may be Semi pistons which means they need to be cut down to size. Was a common practice back then, you need a special machine for sizing them is my understanding.



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George indicates his computer prevents him from a current response but the pistons turn out to be 1929 Commander 8 Model FD, with 250.4 cid.

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