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Super Nice Reattas for Sale

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I must sell a couple of Reattas.  I have four extremely nice Reattas and I must part with one or two to make space for a car that I sold and have an opportunity to buy back, with no place to put it. I am not filling out the form, but can tell you that each one of the four is a Gold Senior winner at the Buick Nationals.  Most of you know that is a car that scores 390 or more points out of a possible 400.  Below is a list of the cars and a price..  I believe that I have priced each car fairly reflecting the condition and mileage.  


The cars are located in Columbia, SC


All of the cars have 16 way seats, a WORKING cd player and complete owner's portfolio


1991 Red/Tan convertible with Tan Hartz cloth top,   36,500 miles      $17,000 OBO


1991 Red/Tan coupe,  65,000 miles        $8,000 OBO


1990 Select 60 complete with folder and letter to the dealer,     61,500 miles     $16,000 OBO


1990 Black/Burgundy with burgundy cloth top,   97,000 miles   $10,500 OBO  (Shown with Cadillac wheels which are not on car, but available)


I am attaching one picture of each car, but if you are seriously interested, I have many more pictures that I can email.  I prefer contact by email at or phone 803-360-6806.


Looks like is messed up the pictures and cannot figure out how to correct.  





ed24 016.jpg



91 Red Coupe (3).JPG

new pics 025.jpg

new pics 027.jpg

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These are some very nice cars, good luck with the sale. One question, you mention a 1990 Select 60 but the photo's look like a white 1991 coupe. Did you post the correct photo's of the Select 60?

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