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1968 390hp 455c.i. cam


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It was, in 1969... Only in the "Toro". It was called "W-33". In a VERY HEAVY CAR... Way Fun!!!, in a car weighting 3,500-4,500 LBS....MORE!!! ADV. Comp. 10.75...Real 10.25+ ,"D","E", or "F" Heads.

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Guess again. W33 was a Delta 88 455 performance package. It used big valve C heads 68-69 and E heads 1970, same as regular 455. 1970 was the only year it was advertised as RPO W33; the other years it was part of the BO1 and BO7 Police Apprehender packages, which included HD frame, suspension and wheels and a performance calibrated THM 400. Could be ordered on any Delta 88, though most you find are bottom line Town Sedans.

The 400 horsepower Toronado engine was RPO <span style="font-weight: bold">W34</span> , again using big valve C heads 68-9, E heads 70. Used same camshaft, valve springs and distributor curve as 68-69 automatic Hurst/Olds, and incorporated OAI in 1968 only. The THM 425 was built to roughly same specs as the W30 automatic and carried its own code.

But yes, either way, big fun!

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