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1932 Buick water pump question


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I have a 1932 Buick 56S  coupe with a 1934 233c.i. engine in it.

I am having problems with the water pump leaking at the packing nut.

I would like to get the pump rebuilt or maybe do it my self if I could buy a rebuild kit.

Looking on-line I haven't seemed to find what I need yet.



Live in Phoenix area

My Buick 10.JPG

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Mine does not leak. I polished the shaft when I made the new one.


Remove the nut and the gland packing. Look at the shaft. If the shaft is smooth, fit new packing and refit the nut. I the shaft is rough, it will leak. Packing is fitted in lengths equal to the circumference of the space, so the ends just touch and do not overlap. Usually three lengths will do it. Put a little grease on the packing, preferably something without molybdenum disulphide (which is corrosive when the grease dries out).


If the shaft is rough, you may be able to polish it in place but probably not.  I used 180 carborundum tape held on a flat file with the shaft turning in the lathe.

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If you use anything with graphite in it, make sure you have a good grease on it too, one with NO molybdenum disulphide. Graphite is the bottom of the galvanic series and the shaft will corrode without something to exclude moisture. Molybdenum disulphide is also corrosive so leave it out. Not many of these glands get much lubrication so don't set it up to corrode when the grease dries out.


I am using plain square braided PTFE rope. No graphite. No leaks.

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