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1957 Buick crankshaft pully color


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At the risk of being embarrassed by someone with more first-hand knowledge, I'm going to say it should be all black. I have restored enough 364s and 322s to see that the crank pulleys are not two colors. The question is, did Buick paint the engines with the crank pulley in place, or not? I believe they painted the engine without the crank pulley, because you cannot paint the engine area behind the pulley very well, if the pulley is in place. I've been told that the rule of thumb in painting a Buick engine, is if the bolt holding the part passes through a gasket, then the part should be Buick green. If it does not pass through a gasket, then it was added later--after the engine was painted, and it should be black, or some other color other than engine color.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Ector, Texas

Head Judge, 1998 BCA National Meet

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