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I am getting close to finishing up my 26 Dodge Brothers coupe and need to see some detailed pictures of how to mount the spare tire to the trunk area.  I can use a split rim or a wooded spoke wheel with the spokes installed.

Any help will be appreciated


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Not long ago I had a 1925 DB roadster, and I believe the rear body section is the same as a '26 DB-built coupe.  However, if I'm not mistaken, some of the coupes were made by Fisher?  ...or was it Budd maybe?  Anyway, then it may not be the same as my DB-built roadster...I'm not sure.


On my '25 I had the complete 20" wheel setup for the disk (split) rims, and for the wood spoke rims.  The spare mount is different for the two types of rims.  The mounting brackets are different, and the upper attachment to the body is different.  I think only the bottom attachment points are the same for the two types.


I'll help you if you are still interested.  There is a chance I may have some photos, but I would need to find them.

Are the '25 roadster and '26 coupe body rear section  styles comparable?   Are you using split rims or wood spoke rims?

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