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A friend, recent to the hobby, has an all original 1956 Dodge D-5-- Royal Lancer 2-door hardtop.

His car is mising the radio antenna on the front fender (Not a pair on the fins).


I would like to find a correct style replacement as a gift for him, and have also placed an ad under Parts Wanted, as well as in the Chrysler/Mopar area.


I'm not sure what the correct antenna looka like (base style/number of tubes/other factors), and would appreciate any advice as well as any leads.


This part need not be NOS, and decent condition used part which looks appropriate to a preserved 62 year old car would be fine.


Please contact me by clicking on my name at the upper right

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21 minutes ago, RogerPHX said:


Mike Petersen, who owns a beautiful '56 Dodge, would be best to ask.



Thank you Roger,

I should have thought of Mike, and will phone him tomorrow

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