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Pierce rear vent window rubber, 1934/35 and others

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While Steele makes a molded rubber for front vent windows, there's none available for the 34/35 sedan rear vent windows.  I've had some H rubber made that can be used for this purpose.  Here's a description:



One short leg of the H will need to be trimmed where the vent window opens.  See pictures.  A razor blade easily cuts this rubber.  I test sanded with 320 grit and it cuts it, but leaves more of a matte finish.  If you're good with a razor blade you may not need to sand.

This was made using dimensions for 1934/35 sedan rear window, it may work on other years.  If you need the dimensional drawing contact me.  This is for the opening window only, the stationary part of the window (as on an 840) is held in with an available style rubber.

$110 which includes postage in the continental US.  15 feet, an 840 needs about 7 feet for two windows, so enough to either experiment with or do two cars.  Note this is a do it yourself project, what you get is the H shaped rubber, you install and cut to fit.


Thanks!   540-5332885

February 2018 021.JPG

February 2018 022.JPG

February 2018 023.JPG

February 2018 024.JPG

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Here's a picture of the installation in progress, initial fitting before trimming one side as needed.....this rubber works well to solve the problem...nothing else out there that I'm aware of to fix these windows...

February 19 2018 002 (800x600).jpg

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