So this may be one of those areas of Modest restoration where i might lose some people so i'll try and make it quick, but remember, this car was destined for rat rod status on a minitruck chassis and an LS swap before i bought it     Today i started on the driver side running board as this car didnt come with either side, nevermind even a junky set that i could repair. After alot of studying pictures of other coupes, and figuring out some reference points and temporarily hanging the driver side door back up, i started with some cardboard and transfered that over to some sheetmetal and added a rounded edge and squared bottom edge that folds underneath to make it a little more rigid. There will be more structure underneath when i find/make some adjustable brackets to make aligning it easier and will be covered in a corrugated/ribbed mat eventually. The edges also still need to be trimmed and i will be adding a lip on body facing edge Where it will tuck up into the body like the stock one would, as well as an edge around the front and rear fender facing edges.
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