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Lincoln medallion 47 Continental

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Hello all,

What is the correct finish for the base of the cloisonne  medallion on the grill. This appears to be a brass base.

I have seen them polished and distressed. Were they originally a polished finish. Is the base metal brass?  

Does anyone have a source and part numbers for the rocker trim clips? I have looked at restoration specialties

and AUVECO. Can't seem to locate them. Are there diagrams showing where the different style  clip/fastener goes ?

As you can tell from my questions, I am making a little progress. 



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               The base to the medallion on my '48 LC Coupe checked out to be brass. It was polished, colored areas looked to be enameled  or painted.

My medallion was chipped and dull. I sent it out to  Karla Mya Maxwell  (www.MAXWELL ENAMELS.com)  phone #  760-941-1966 . She gold plated it

and refired with vitreous glass. It may have been enamed with paint from the factory. I wanted it done once and not have to polish it- just wax. Turned

out beautiful. 

               By going between the chassis book and the body  parts book I came up with 2 types and maybe 3 fasteners for the lower SS trim . No pictures

the main wire type # is ( I think) is 358111-S8 .They measure 25/32" x1-9/32" . I have several old ones and this checks out. Also  a square steel fastener

was also used 1-9/32"   w/1/4" x20 stud welded and  a (marsden ) nut. They seem to mix the count. I count the holes in the body. The wire type seem to be

used at the rocker boxed area( closed). The others(mixed ) on open areas- skirts , fenders. Confused??  "E" mail me at  zephyr38@verizon 

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Thanks again Larry,

My cloisonne is in excellent shape so I guess I will carefully polish the base and see how it turns out.

I had the hood ornament ball gold plated but I hate to completely restore the medallion if not necessary.

It makes sense that the blind holes used the wire clips. Let me take a better look at what I have

and I'll shoot you an e-mail.


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