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Hello fellow Tc heads...

Did anyone ever attempt to disassemble the tail light? ( to clean the lens from the inside and restore the reflector?) 

also...I was wondering if a yellow 1157 15D LED , Red with yellow switchback model ( amber) would be able to create a more visible orange blinker through the red lens. OR, a green LED, that will create an orange/yellow output ...


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its not about any cracks...its about the deterioration of the inside of the taillight..I wanted to recreate and possibly improve reflection rate and at the same time, look into options to have an amber turn signal, even though its a red lens. ( color addition or substraction, whatever makes it work) 

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I have taken the center reflector apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. I only cleaned the outer lights, but I have some plans for that!


I am going to do full LED lighting. The incandescent bulbs get so hot that they melt the housings!

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