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1940 Continental Hot Air Heater Assembly

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I am assembling/installing a part of my  Hot air heater and have a couple of questions.


1. At the cowl - how does the defrost cable connect to the air regulators  and  is the cable secured to the left metal defrost tube after it comes out of the firewall?  A picture from left and right would be really helpful.


2. Once the defrost tubes are center mounted and run into the firewall, are they secured inside in any way to keep them in place?


3. Regarding the heater port inside the cab: Is a gasket used when mounting the interior heater vent?


4.  I have an electric motor for the hot air system but it is shot.  Does someone sell these items or can they be rebuilt?  If so, who might do that? The guy I took it to didn't want to work on it.


Thanks for your help



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