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Bought a Barn Find 1977 Cadillac Seville!

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Well I bought a 77 Seville in exactly the color I was looking for, guess What? It was only $600 total! It has documented 36000 miles (I have all the records a big file). I cant believe how excellent it looks! It had not been on in a while since 2015 or so and I threw a new battery in and it fired right up! It will need new belts, hoses, radiator, alternator and a/c work. All power items and electrical work even the antenna and auto trunk.  Tomorrow I will clean it up and post better pics! It also has an 8 track! I cannot believe it!!!!!











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Looking through the records since 2010 here is what has been done:


Fuel hoses

Master cylinder



Rotors, pads

Fuel pump and filter

Idler arm

Wheel bearings

Fuel pressure regulator

Plugs and cap and rotor

Differential service and bearing kit

Power brake booster

Power steering hoses

Metal fuel lines

Idler arm

And a bunch of other stuff!


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Reminds me of a friend whose mom got one of these in 76 or 77.  Fun to get rides back from town pool & really 9 hole golf course we would go to everyday.   When it was my families turn to drive the custard olds must have been a let down.  Seville was a big deal when it first came out as I recall.

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Just goes to show: if you look, you find. Always liked the early ones better than "Billy Mitchel's Revenge".


ps need the little extraction tool to pull the A/C clutch, can do on the car. Make sure you remove the nut first.

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Caddy must put effort into the smell of the leather interiors, I remember it clearly when my friends mom used to ferry us around.  When I got my new CTS a few years ago,  if was identical to the Seville and different from other brands w leather.  Countt me a Caddy fan.

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what kind of AC work or don't you know yet ?


You can replace the clutch on that AC compressor fairly easy without having to break the system.


I have used this web page to do it before.



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My parents always wanted one of those but it would be a few years before they had that kind of money and could get that high on the GM product ladder. By the late 1970s they got as high as a Buick. Finally, in about 1984, they reached the Cadillac level and bought an Eldorado. It had that 4-6-8 engine, or whatever it was called, which left us stranded on more than one occasion. It also had one of those padded, leather/vinyl tops which was an expensive option and began shrinking and peeling off right about the time the warranty expired. Needless to say, after all those years of saving up for a Cadillac, my dad was very disappointed. My family would typically keep a new car for about 10 years, the Eldorado lasted about four. After that, my dad jumped off of the GM ladder and became a Ford buyer.


As a kid, I remember a neighbor buying a new Seville almost identical looking to yours. They were the envy of all the neighbors and people would just stare at the car. Growing up in an ethnic, European immigrant neighborhood, we rarely saw cars like this.


Congratulations on your new purchase. Enjoy!!

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