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1989 Chrysler TC By Maserati Close out parts Rockauto


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I agree, Rock has some great prices on select items BUT- I would like to add my two cents worth based on my experiences


1- Make sure  that the part is the correct part for your vehicle. A lot of times the parts are listed by an interchange  chart or something like that, and they will not fit. Example- spark plug wires for a 16v. There are 27 items listed, but none of them will fit the 16v engine. When in doubt, check the part numbers with other sources. Yes, Rock allows returns, but what are the savings if you pay $13.99 to have it shipped to you,  and have to pay 13.99 to ship it back ( 28 bucks for shipping total) to get a refund on a part that is a "real-Deal" at 7.99??


Which brings me to no. 2--

While you are ordering parts online, open another screen and check prices at Ebay or Amazon. I have found this to be an ideal resource for price comparisons, and in a lot of cases the same, identical OEM or compatible parts are a lot cheaper than Rocks closeouts, and many offer free shipping. 


Just because they are closeouts at Rock doesn't mean that they are a great deal, although I have gotten some great bargains at the site. 

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