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1936 Dodge front windshield


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Trying to take apart front windshield. Swing/crank out type. I don't know what screws, if any,

are holding the frames together. Removed 6 screws for the hinges, attempted to remove

2 screws, one on each side(lower corner) rusted won't budge, then there are 4 more screws

on bottom frame, 2 on either side, also rusted. Are any of the 6 that are rusted the ones

I need to remove or am I looking in the wrong spot. Didn't remove the trim on the out side,

is there screws under the trim?

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You're on the right track! There are I believe 4 screws on each corner that need to be removed. On a heavily rusted frame these can be very difficult to remove. You may have to drill them out. There are no screws under the chrome trim and be very careful when removing that trim. It is not available! On the inside of the frame you will find a small steel angle in each corner that holds the screws. If I can help in any other way please contact me at jamesopage@aol.com. Good Luck! Jim Page

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