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Rebuilding an H V-12 engine

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You have performed a great service by typing up these articles.  Thanks on behalf of the many Zephyr enthusiasts in years to come who will benefit from your thoughtfulness.  Hope you and Lee are really loving Montana.


Bob Mead

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Thank you for posting this article.  I am currently working on restoring my grandfather's 1938 Lincoln Zephyr.  After initially failing to get the compression we needed, we decided we needed to do a complete teardown.  We started two years ago and a year in is when we discovered all the problems.

The crank is machined and all new bearings will be installed.  The valves are all in and we are starting on the pistons.  We are right in the middle of it now and your post will be most helpful.  

Thank you again,


Sean P. Hobbs

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