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Marvel carburetors

Morgan Wright

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These carburetors are a real Marvel. They are both from Buick E-49's and look pretty much identical to each other, though the casting numbers differ. I'm looking to make a winter project out of dismantling both of them, removing acorns and sticks brought in by mice, and one actual dead mouse, and-------unlike other car parts preserved by grease and tar-----rust. The one on the left  needs paint remover as well, some genius long ago thought that a good way to make the carb work better was to make it look better. That's from the spare parts car, the one on the right is the original one from the car I'm fixing.


Waiting for the rebuild kit from The Carburetor Shop in Missoura.



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3 hours ago, Morgan Wright said:

Since the mouse is in the part that attaches to the exhaust manifold, I can assume that and the muffler are a regular Disneyland inside.

Hi Morgan

You might want to pull the manifolds to see if they made it into the cylinder head or into the engine as they have no problems getting by an open valve.


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