1920's-30's Packard Distributor info Requested (see photo's)

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The grease cup is a good clue. My quick opinion is 1st series and maybe 2nd series eight. 1921-1924


Considering consulting with Brian Joseph at Classic and Exotic. They offer tags and rebuilding service.

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Engineering samples are common in the pre war era. Pierce Arrow would ask several companies every year to manufacture parts and test them. Only problem was they were such a small company the samples ended up on cars shipped to customers. Most Pierce Arrow Society members will comment that Pierce never built two identical cars. In 1930 Pierce took twenty five different transmission samples from one company, and installed them. Several months later they sent out a memo with the VIN#'s approving new production transmissions on any car that the customer complained about. I have seen this with fenders, wheels, instruments, and many other items on the cars over the years. Dealing with it right now on a one off auto show car, has prototype drop center Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels. Don't ask how much time I have in making the correct one off parts...........I'm pulling my hair out. 

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