Dave Gray

Wanted 1956 or 1957 Corvette

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I am looking for a 56-57 Corvette.

Anything from a project to a nice driver car.

Call or text Dave at 717-422-8324

Mechanicsburg  Pa.

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Try Corvette forum.com 

They always have a good selection on their site. Good luck

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I searched a ton of sites daily and left tabs up when I was searching for my C1 when I finally ironed it out that I wanted a 58-60 found it on oldride.com. It had just been posted by a dealer no less who had it on consignment.   It was a black numbers matching fuelie.  

It was a little out of my projected budget,  but I pulled all the strings I could including putting the shipping on my credit card so I could pay for it next month.   It worked out and I still am surprised I was able to buy what I thought was unobtainable. Diligence and patience will yield the right car and don't settle for something less than what you want.    I have noticed a ton of C1's on Ebay as well as you could search CLAZ.org which picks up all the local traders from around the country.   There is a site that eludes me at the Moment that also picks up all the hits on craigslist,  that aren't covered by CLAZ.org.   

Ironically looking at that photo look at the difference in styling in 10 years time.  The yellow car is a 48 Plymouth Convertible,  and though the vette is a 60 it's 1958 Styling.   


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