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Boy Scouts need Pope Hartford for Parade (preferably 1910)


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The oldest Boy Scout Troop in America is looking for an owner of a 1910 Pope Hartford Automobile that would be willing to participate in a parade with the Boy Scouts of America Troop 1, Connecticut Rivers Council. Troop 1 was formed on February 8, 1910 in East Hartford, Connecticut.

The Troop always marches in the Memorial Day Parade and would like to march with a 1910 Pope Hartford if possible, but especially for the 2010 parade, to commemorate in a special way the 100th anniversary of the Troop (and, of course, the 1910 Pope-Hartford).

I know these vehicles are now rare and I ahve read that there were less than 800 Pope Hartford cars manufactured each year. If we can't find a 1910 Pope-Hartford (our first choice since it was made locally and some town residents worked for that car company) then we'd like your help finding alternatives, i.e., other 1910 automobiles for the parade.

I would appreciate any leads about Pope-Hartford owners that might be willing to help. Please contact me at mailto:james.sime@juno.com

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