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Remove Body off Chassis

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I would highly recomend you abandon this effort, once you get the body off, its highly doubtful you will ever  get in back in place.


a far better method would be get a rotisserie, Mount the car on that, and you can get to everything.


The body is totally welded to the frame, and there is absolutely no benefit to attempt this.







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When I began the restoration of my '40 Continental convertible the car was a mess.  The frame was badly corroded and weak. There also was a lot of corrosion in the panels.   I bought a donor car (coupe) from John Murphy and drilled all of body-to-frame welds out of both cars.  We cut the donor frame apart and used what we needed to make a solid frame.  We also cut of the roof off the donor car and then went on to graft portions of the donor body panels to replace our corroded panels.  After that, we rebuilt the car on the mended frame using many of the weld holes as a guide, along with a lot of measurements, and welded it back on. It can be done but it is truly a lot of work.  Here are a few pictures.












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