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Teves Mark II Brake System

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Due to a leakage issue with the Teves MKII brake unit of my Chrysler TC, I purchased a used unit and a local auto repair centre here in Germany installed the unit in the car.
The unit is leaktight now and the brake as such and the booster work.
However, the two brake lights in the instrument panel turn on when you push quickly the brake pedal. The lights turn off again when you release the brake again. Also, there seems to be no clear pressure point when the brake is pushed. Finally, the ABS does not work.
Any help and comments on the possible reason of these faults and how to solve this would be appreciated.
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sounds like it could be the accumulator "Hydac accumulator sold by Spinningwheels-sc in Florida
Their selling price is $135 plus shipping which runs around $15.00 or so for a total cost of around $150.00.  www.spinningwheels-sc.com."

The TC Brake Accumulator is identical to ACDelco Part #25528382
Accumulator for Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile, Cadillac , alfa romeo, lotos, jaguar  made by ATE, Febi, Lemforder and Wabco.
Wabco accumulator  partnumber: STC2784 can be bought for $78


also, search for accumulator replacement within our forum! ( also, check your inbox!)


good luck



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