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Bob Stein

Re-attached side molding

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I used my Reatta during recent snow as it is my best bad-weather car.  However, the driver's side door molding, which had been removed for a repaint, had never been reattached tot he center clips and would wiggle in the center.  The bad weather turned out to be too much for the end stud, and one broke off.  I was able to save the molding, and reattached this past weekend using 3M molding tape and weather-strip adhesive.  First thing was cleaning and compounding the painted surface to remove all debris and loose paint, then a wipedown with brake cleaner for the body and molding attaching surface..  I put the thin molding tape on the top and bottom mounting strips, allowing an extra several inches to hang out past the front, and ran a thick bead of weatherstrip adhesive down the center where it would (hopefully) contact the clip studs on the door.  I let the adhesive set up, then trimmed the weatherstrip tape at the front leaving the plastic protective cover as pull-tabs.  I positioned the molding and then pulled the top tape protector up to reveal the adhesive, pressing as I went.  That secured the molding, and I repeated the procedure for the bottom.  It stayed straight and level, and fits completely flush.  I may try to hit a local scrap yard for some spare moldings just in case.  There is a Reatta close by, though it has been pretty well stripped.  Has all the glass, though.

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