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TC restoration


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Hello,TC owners,i am in need of parts to restore my 1990 TC with probably extremely rare parts, I am listing the parts i need for the car below and if anyone could help me out into locating these parts,that would be awesome...


Exterior-Black molding that goes around the front bumper

repairing the Back glass in the soft top to stop it from falling down

Foggy Porthole Windows-in process of repairing


Interior-Door actuator for the driver's side door

Chrysler Infinity 2 radio+speaker for the drivers door,i believe it's a 5x12 or just a 6

tool kit-already have the umbrella

Brass name plate-in search of

CD player?-need to check if mine came with one...


Other-TC service manual for 1990

Service brochure(aka shows all the colors of the car)


Once again,Thank you so much

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