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external aftermarket transmission cooler

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On 2/23/2018 at 7:28 PM, shelbyone said:

is the lower one the return line? ( did not test yet) also, if someone already installed an external additional cooler, which location did you choose?


You apparently have the 3 speed automatic.

The lower to the cooler and the upper is the return line.

Contrary to some opinions, I would definitely run the transmission fluid through both the factory and aftermarket coolers. 

On vehicles that have the factory trans cooler in the radiator, run the fluid through the external cooler first, then the radiator cooler.

In this way, the fluid is warmed up as it returns through the radiator cooler in winter temperatures. This is important for proper transaxle operation.

In summer driving, you will dissipate the very high heat in the external cooler and the fluid will be further cooled in either factory installed cooler.

In very hot summer operation or when towing especially, the transmission fluid runs at a  higher temperatures than the engine coolant which is when there is a need to cool the transmission fluid.

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