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emission decals


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At that point in time, most of the emission decals were reproduced in the GM Service Manuals each year--at least in Chevrolets. Along about '79, they stopped that so that if they had a mid-year change, they didn't have to send out revision pages so what was correct for the vehicle was on the emissions decal and not in the GM Service Manual.

Other than the GM Service Manual, the GM Parts books usually had a very detailed graphic of the engine and the vacuum lines going to everything. Might take a little doing to follow them, but you could get a general idea.

I doubt that year's decals are in reproduction just yet, but you might check. Jim Osborne is probably the main vendor in those things. His operatives usually are at the larger swap meets with their decals displayed.

If you can find a GM Part Number in the GM Parts catalog, it might also be possible for your local dealer's parts people to call GM ParTech, tell a ParTech rep what they need, give them the part number, and get the rep to "pull a print" of the decal and fax it to the dealer's parts department. Only problem is that sometimes, the resolution of the fax is not too good but you can get a general idea of where things go (even though it's in black and white without the color of the original decal). The better picture of the decal would be in the GM Service Manual.

Hope that helps . . .


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