1936 Desoto Airstream Questions

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Can anyone tell me if the front bumper on the Airstream Desoto is the same as the rear.

I had a Google and it looks to be that the rear is more curved, does that sound right.

I have located 2 front bumpers and was thinking I may have to get one rolled if this is the case.


Another question with front suspension there is a steel spacer ring that goes where the coil springs are.

Are these used on both sides or only the side the driver sits or when are they used?


Has anyone tried 3D printing for rubber pad parts, still investigating this option.

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My '36 Dodge and your car are basically the same size. The front bumper measures 69 ins. while the rear bumper measures 78 make up for the deep curve. I'm pretty sure that a front bumper would not substitute for the rear. Can't answer the other questions. Good hunting!

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